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If not us, who will act on this?

Solar Energy

The most activist thing we can do personally to help the environment is to make our home a green home with solar energy. The technology costs are lower and access is abundant. Rising electricity rates make it a financial win. Also there's a 30% federal tax credit that will expire soon. 



Electric or Hybrid Vehicles

This picture is of a hybrid electric 1939 Lincoln Continental owned by Neil Young. Yes that Neil Young of CSN&Y. It was parked in Trabuco Canyon CA.

The price of hybrid and electric vehicles have come down to the point where they are comparable in cost to fossil fuel powered cars. Battery life and range have dramatically improved.

Update your AC Unit

Older, inefficient air conditioning units use more power to operate and cost more. As the climate heats up the units that manufactured 10 years ago

may not be able to keep up with rise in temperatures. As your supplier about the return on investment to move to a more efficient unit and how to conserve while maintaining comfort levels.

LED Lighting

One easy thing we can do for the planet is make the switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). It may sound like a small step, when millions do it it has an impact.  Although they cost  more upfront than regular incandescent light bulbs, they  last much longer, use less energy and save you money.

Help Educate Others

Share with others what you are doing with your lifestyle to help make your community green. Educating our peers as we learn more about how to go green personally is a service both to them and the planet. If they are not environmentally sensitive, not an issue, the economics of moving to a greener lifestyle make for a compelling story. 

Lobby Your Representatives 

Contact your representatives in Congress, Senate, state legislature and local officials. They all have social media accounts and offices that log your phone calls. They do listen! When they get a lot of calls about a topic it hits home. If you want to go a step further, check their voting record on environmental bills and bring that up when you contact them.  Track voting records at

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